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Chocolate Protein Pancakes

Goodbye lies, hello truth.

When I began my healthy lifestyle six years ago I initially said goodbye to pancakes, waffles and french toast because when you are on a diet, you give up the food you love, right?


I wrongly defined healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle does not mean restricting everything because guess what, the more you restrict the more you crave. Once I correctly defined what a healthy lifestyle truly means, my entire perspective on nutrition changed. I began to incorporate my favorites into my everyday diet. Especially breakfast. I love breakfast and one egg white or a bowl of fruit was not going to satisfy my hunger at all.

I made sure each meal included a protein, a carb, fat and micronutrient (vegetable and/or fruit). This is when I created meals like these protein pancakes, These protein pancakes include vegan protein powder (protein), oats (carbs), egg yolk and coconut oil (fat) and strawberries (micronutrient). When I incorporate these components into my meals I feel energized and filled until my next meal.

Pancakes should not be avoided because you want to lose weight, you can eat pancakes if you are on a weight gain journey, weight loss journey, maintenance journey or you simply are craving pancakes. The benefits of protein pancakes are to satisfy your sweet tooth and morning hunger while still providing nutritional benefits to your diet.

With that being said, I want to share with you my chocolate protein pancakes, so you can also let go of the lies and enjoy a warm and fluffy stack of pancakes in the morning.

Start to finish: 15 minutes

Servings: 1


50 grams Rolled Oats

1 cup almond milk

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 whole egg

1 small banana

1 scoop of protein powder (vanilla or chocolate)

Non-stick spray


Preheat a non-stick pan over medium heat and spray the nonstick spray onto the pan while it preheats because non-stick pans lets out chemicals that are harmful to us, so the pans should never preheat alone.

Meanwhile, in a blender add all the ingredients (besides the non-stick spray). Blend until banana is blended. The batter should be lumpy. Let the batter sit for 5 minutes to thicken.

Begin to make the pancakes.

Pour batter into desired size.

Flip when bubbles form, about 2-3 minutes on each side.

Serve with fresh strawberries and a drizzle of syrup.

Wake up in the morning and enjoy a stack of pancakes guilt free! If you try this recipe, comment below your thoughts.

* All the portion sizes are based on a general serving size, but you may change all serving sizes to your specific portion size.

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