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Staying on Track at Six Flags Fright Fest

Staying on Track at Six Flags Fright Fest

Published October 25, 2018

The hardest part of going to an amusement park is to eat healthily, but this does not mean it is an impossible task.

I went to Six Flags Fright Fest over the weekend OK, I left before Fright Fest started because I get scared easily, but, during the time I was at the park I was prepared with snacks in my backpack that would help me stay away from the pretzels, greasy sandwiches, pizza, chips, ice cream and funnel cakes. I made sure I packed snacks to satisfy my sugar and salt cravings such as toasted nuts with dried cranberries, fruit, air-popped popcorn and hummus with baby carrots.


If you have a sweet tooth, and you crave anything sweet while you are at an amusement park, I recommend you pack toasted nuts with dried cranberries that are approximately 197 calories for a cup of cashews and peanuts. The cranberries in the nut mix will satisfy your sweet tooth. You can snack on these throughout the day to keep you full until your meal.


If you have a nut allergy, another way to beat the sugar cravings is to pack a fruit salad. In a disposable food container, you can slice a cup of peaches, plums and berries that is approximately 77 calories. The sweet fruit will steer you away from buying the fried funnel cake or ice cream from the snack carts.


The large salty pretzels are hard to resist, but if you know you will be craving a pretzel, you can pack 1 cup of air-popped popcorn that is 31 calories. You can also pack up to three cups of air-popped popcorn because it is only 93 calories, which is lower than the large pretzel that is 483 calories.


One last snack idea to avoid the chip craving is to pack baby carrots and hummus because 10 baby carrots are approximately 35 calories and  ¼ cup of hummus is 89 calories. Hummus has more healthy benefits than chips, and the crunch of the carrots will satisfy the crunch of a chip.


Packing for a long day at the amusement park can be done in a healthy way, and making healthier choices will make you feel better when the day is over. Plus, none of those amusement park treats are worth the splurge when you have worked so hard to be healthy.

Ditch the large soft pretzel, pack your backpack with healthy snacks, scream your lungs out on all the rides and enjoy your non-guilty day with your friends or family.

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