About Me 


Hello, my name is Jennifer.

I am not a personal trainer. I am not a certified nutritionist. I am not a certified dietician. I am not a professional chef. I am simply Jennifer. I am 5'10 and weigh 159, for now that is. And I am simply going to tell you my story of how I came this far and what helps me stay on track. You have heard, seen, or read countless blogs on fitness especially since the fitness world has become so "popular," but the difference is that I am going to lay it out in the way that works for me. However, before we get to my delicious recipes, inspirational blogs, and all that good stuff, I have to tell you why I started this journey and what made me hop on this train to a healthy lifestyle. Yes, it's a lifestyle not a phase or I'll just try it for a week kind of thing.

I began my so called "journey" about six years ago when I was 18. It was kind of weird the way I began working out. For the record I had never worked out a day in my life prior to this. Not even a sport.

I remember it was the summer right after I finished my second semester in college. I woke up one day feeling bad about myself physically and mentally. I always hated the way I looked because I was always way way way taller than all my friends and sister who were petite and skinny. Everything I wasn't, which made me  feel insecure about my weight. I weighed 205 lbs, which has been the heaviest I have ever weighed. I hated looking at myself in the mirror. I hated wearing short sleeve tops because I despised my arms. I never wore shorts in public because again I hated the way I looked, especially all the jiggle and cellulite in my legs. It sounds like I hated myself, but it's the truth, I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. 

The night before my actual first workout, I discovered Brett Cap’s YouTube channel and found countless workout videos. 

The next morning, I woke up with a different mindset and thought I have to do something so I can feel confident and beautiful within my own skin, sounds like a cliche, but it is true. I was tired of this on going battle with myself. I never believed or accepted any compliments from anyone because I always thought they were just being polite or plain out lying.

After a year of doing those workouts, I began seeing a change in my body, yet I wanted more. About a year later, I stumbled across Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide (BBG), which was and is a life changing program, literally. I have since used other programs to continue my progress, but I will forever be grateful for Kayla creating BBG.

Now, that you have all read about my journey to how I got this far, at the bottom of this post I will provide you with a before and after picture using BBG, just so you know my diet and exercise made a world of a difference. Yes, the pictures may be embarrassing, but I do not mind. As long as one person can take these pictures as a pushing point towards this better change, the embarrassment is all worth it.

Fast forward almost six years later. I am now 24 and feeling better about my myself physically and mentally than I did six years ago. Sometimes I still have those days where those thoughts reappear in my mind, I remind myself that this whole lifestyle is a process not a quick fix, so that makes me stronger to push the thoughts aside and congratulate myself on how far I got on my own. "On my own" is the part I want everyone to understand because everything to make yourself feel better comes from your own want and dedication. Although I am still not where I want to be physically, I am working hard each and every day to obtain what I want to achieve. 

  By this point, many of you might be thinking, so Jennifer why did you decide to write a blog? Or what is your blog actually about? Well, throughout the past six years of this healthy lifestyle, I noticed that food is an important factor when it came to losing and building my ideal body. Also, many of my friends and family always told me that it's hard to lose weight because they do not know where to begin food wise. It is true, I have been there with the mentality to resort to colorless salads, no carbs, basically a dull diet. The truth is eating clean and healthy is anything but dull and depressing, it is actually fun and a way to be creative with your meals. After being asked many times about  what I eat, I finally decided to make a blog with all of that because I understand where many women stand.

With that being said, my two passions: cooking and helping others eat healthier, I present you Kitjen, a blog that will guide you through your transition to a healthier lifestyle and still enjoy going out and staying on track.



All photos on my site are taken by me, unless stated otherwise.