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Stuffed Strawberry & Banana French Toast

Stuffed Strawberry & Banana French Toast

You have probably noticed by now that eating clean and healthy does not have to be boring or resort to just salads, boiled eggs, five crackers, and oatmeal. Clean eating actually consists of real food that actually tastes as goos as it looks, so here is another one of those recipes where many people who begin to live a healthy lifestyle think they cannot eat foods like this. They believe that they  cannot have pancakes or french toasts, but in reality they can. All this good food only has to be modified into cleaner versions by substituting the greasy ingredients like butter into healthier options, trust me the substitutions are endless. Honestly, in my opinion the cleaner versions tastes better then the originals, plus you can eat them guilt free, which makes it all the better. Now, here is my recipe to a cleaner version of french toast.

Ingredients: ( serving: 1 Person)

2 Slices of whole wheat bread

1/2 Cup of original unsweetened almond milk

1 egg white

1-2 tspn cinnamon

1 tspn vanilla extract

1 Banana

Handful of walnuts

Honey or Maple Syrup (to drizzle on top as syrup)

Strawberry Filling Ingredients:

5 Strawberries

1/2 Lime


1. First, start on the strawberry filling. In a small pot over low heat, throw in whole strawberries, juice of 1/2 lime,1 tspn of water, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Let it cook until the strawberries have softened and let out its natural juices. You can speed up the process by smashing the strawberries as they soften. 

2. While the strawberry filling cooks, in a bowl that is large enough for the bread to fit, whisk together egg white, almond milk, vanilla extract, and cinnamon. 

3. Coat one slice of bread at a time with liquid mixture. NOTE: DO not over soak the bread because it will make the flipping process difficult. 

4. On a large pan/ skillet, spread a little of either grape seed oil or coconut oil with a napkin or brush, just so the bread will not stick to pan. Once distributed and the pan is heated, place one bread a time. Cook over medium heat for about 2-3 minutes per side or until the bread has a nice golden color on each side. Do the same with other slice of bread.

5. When the french toast is cooked, place one bread on a plate first, place sliced bananas and strawberry filling. Then place second slice on top, top with remaining sliced banana, strawberry filling, toasted walnuts (Toast on a pan over medium heat until toasted, about 2 min), and a drizzle of honey, agave, or maple syrup. 

There. You have french toast. It is actually really simple once you get the hang of making it. The first couple of times, the flipping will be difficult because if the pan is not thoroughly heated, the bread will stick and come apart. So be patient and it become easier the more times you make it. Hope you enjoy! As usual,  please comment below to let me know of you tried it. 


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